5 books will change your life

I saw this header on the internet, it is quite a challenge. Not only reading 5 books, but that they will change my life, sounds like a challenge to me!

Can I read all 5, would I actually want to?

Do I need changing? On a happiness scale I’d say I’m an 8 or 9 out of 10. Which Is great. I love my job which I do part time, I love my Pea and Sea, so do I really need to read them? I’d like a bigger garden and some chickens, but I certainly don’t *need* them.

Does anyone? Is there a hole in all of us that needs filling with a self help book, promising to make our existence even better? That seems a bit depressing to me. And it is a shame, we live once (depending on what we believe) and we have the freedom to choose our paths. I have always thought that we have the capabilities to say yes or no, no one forces us to do anything. So why are we all looking for something to make life better?

I could blame it on social media making us feel inferior to all those who post about their amazing lives,

Or the increase in atheism,

Or working too hard so there is no time for having fun and feeling content,

Or a hundred other reasons….

(I had a look at the list and have picked out those which seem like they could keep me interested, so I’ll give it a go. Who knows, they might tell me something I didn’t know..)


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